Bring on the spring fever with our new, limited Spring Collection!

The first warm rays of sunshine tickle your nose and mother nature shakes off the dull, gray veil of winter. Dark colors finally get a break on our nails - bye! Bring on the colorful nails and floral prints that express our positive vibes and spring feelings.

This literally screams for a collection, doesn't it ladies? How good that we already have something in the wings! And not too little. With the following 15(!) designs you will be well equipped for the coming spring season. Curtain up for our new and limited Spring Collection:


Baby Dotty
Bold all-over floral prints are not your thing, because you prefer classic minimalistic patterns? Well, we have something for you, darling! Baby Dotty is a flower print of a different kind and convinces with a minimalistic black and white print on a pink base. If a complete look with this design is too much for you, Baby Dotty can be perfectly combined with our bestseller Baby Girl, because of the identical pink tone of both designs.

Spring and floral prints are like sugar and cinnamon on rice pudding or coffee and cake on the weekends. In short, an absolute must-have! If you love manicures with modern partial sheer looks, you will find your match with this design. Blooming brings wild poppies and wildflowers right onto your nails. Together with Surf'n'Turf, Fortune Teller, or Royal-Tea you can create beautiful spring manicures. Let your (nail) creativity run wild!

Clouds Passing
Cloud guessing is one of those games you're never too old for. And it's much nicer to lift your head into the clouds than to stick it in the sand anyway, isn't it? Clouds Passing is just the right design for those who chase little sheep, locomotives, or faces in clouds. The cute little clouds on a transparent base go perfectly with our pastel shades Day Dream or Blizzard. Have fun daydreaming!

"It suits me. It doesn't suit me. It suits me. It doesn't suit me." To wear this design, you don't have to ask a daisy for advice. Because Daisy is a wonderful companion for spring that flatters any skin tone. The warm golden yellow suits both fair and darker skin tones that harmonize perfectly with the yellow shades of the daisy print on a transparent base. Save a Daisy, wear our Daisy!

Feeling Marbleous
In spring, the days are finally getting longer and the sunsets more colorful. We capture this colorful mix of colors on your nails with Feeling Marbleous. The composition of different shades of blue, pink, white, and gold is a dream for all combination queens among you. Whether together with Blanc, Candy Pink, or Day Dream - your spring manicure is saved! Courageous wear Feeling Marbleous in a complete look with our matte Top Coat.

Fresh Spring Up
Besides various floral prints, natural patterns are also big this spring. In our Spring Collection, you will find three designs that pick up this trend. One of them is Fresh Spring Up, which is suitable for many color combinations due to its delicate silver herbal print on a transparent base. On cool shades like Lavender Love or Neo Mint, Fresh Spring Up conjures a touch of freshness onto your manicure. Match it with trendy blazers and airy pastel pants.

I’m Eggcited
Spring brings not only warmer days and blooming nature, but also Easter! To all the professional nest seekers and chocolate bunny snackers among you - we got you covered! I'm Eggcited turns your nails into little quail eggs thanks to the black speckle pattern on an antique pink base - provided you have almond-shaped nails ;) This design is an absolute mood booster and will put a smile on your face in no time - we promise!

Over The Rainbow
The multicolor trend continues to accompany us in the spring! But we give this much-loved nail trend a little twist. Over The Rainbow is a multicolor design with a delicate ombre gradient that brings a symbiosis of two much-loved nail trends right to your nails - multicolor and ombre. If you want to make the gorgeous spring colors of this design pop, even more, try Over The Rainbow with a matte finish. We love it!

Pastel Squad
We stick to the multicolor trend - this time with the classic version. Pastel Squad not only offers you all the pastel colors of spring in one design, but also pastel colors that are not yet available in our standard range. For the ultimate spring manicure, we recommend to pimp up Pastel Squad with Tulip or White Leaves. And for those who love it really colorful, a matte finish is a MUST!

Peony Power
All over floral prints are exactly your style? Then you'll love Peony Power! This design with a generous peony print on a white base is THE perfect design to combine! Peony Power impresses with its many different shades of soft rosé and pink and can therefore be wonderfully combined with Dusty Rose, Vintage Velvet, Silky Smooth, or Blueberry Pie. Our favorite, however, is a nail look together with Blanc and a layer of our glossy Top Coat!

Pleasant Paisley
Get pure nature on your nails with our Pleasant Paisley design. Inspired by classic paisley patterns, this design impresses with its colorful mix of butterflies, spring buds, and flowers, which come into their own beautifully on both long and short nails. A contrast to the wild pattern mix is the beige base shade, which can be perfectly combined with our nude bestseller Skinny.

In poetry, spring is attributed to the meaning of awakening life, youth, and new beginnings. Whether it's spring cleaning, a healthier lifestyle, or turning your style upside down, many people actually equate spring with a fresh start. We bring this lifestyle of a fresh start to your nails with our design Rebirth. The minimalist design in beige, pink, and black on a transparent base give your manicure a lightness that only spring itself can do.

Inspired by the concrete art of the same name, Terrazzo brings a modern flair to your nails. The speckled pattern in various shades of brown and gray on a white base offers various combination options with our brown shades such as Caramel, Brown Sugar, or Eboy. Terrazzo turns into a special eye-catcher when you combine it with our designs Comfort Zone or Cloudy Sky. The cool gray tones form a beautiful contrast to the warm brown shades of Terrazzo.

If the Christmas tree is the symbol of winter, then the tulip is definitely the symbol of spring! Of course, we had to dedicate our own design to this beauty. Tulip graces your nails with fine, white lines in the form of delicate tulips on a transparent base. If you're not a fan of all-over prints and like things to be simpler, you might definitely like Tulip. Paired with Pastel Squad or Candy Pink, this design will be your go-to for spring! Add a layer of our matte Top Coat - perfection!

White Leaves
The third design that picks up on the trend theme of nature is White Leaves. The delicate white leaves on a transparent base give your favorite pastel shade a kick of freshness in no time at all! Regardless of whether it's Neo Mint, Blizzard, Cupcake, or Pastel Squad - with one layer of our matte Top Coat you can transform white leaves into an absolute spring must-wear manicure.

These 15 designs from our Spring Collection will be available in our shop from March 4th at 12 noon. Since this collection is strictly limited, you have to grab it again quickly.


Happy Spring, Beauties!