Winter is coming - and with it our new, limited Winter Collection!

Winter Sun Collection

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures colder and the evenings more cozy - winter is here! Now it's time to say goodbye to the bright colors and pastel nuances because during this time of year we are in the mood for darker tones and above all: lots of glitter! Because when Mariah Carey laughs at you in her Christmas outfit and Wham breathes “Last Christmas” in your ear, Christmas is not far away either.

We've thought of everything for the coming season: darker shades, a little glitter, and lots of Christmas spirit. After all, we want your nails to steal the thunder of all the Christmas lights. The generously decorated Christmas tree in your living room will look pretty small. May we introduce - our Winter Sun Collection:

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Christmas Bouquet

You are the classic ‘It’s no Christmas without an Advent wreath!’ - girl? Then take a look at this design, darling. Christmas Bouquet is a transparent design decorated with fir and poinsettia motifs and offers you many wearing options thanks to the differently arranged prints. On our shades of red, this design immediately puts you in a Christmas mood. For that special wow moment you should definitely combine Christmas Bouquet with Shimmery Pearl or The Green Fairy.


Anyone who traditionally decorates their Christmas tree to death in red and gold every year is sure to fall for this design. Gemstone is inspired by magically glittering geodes and brings one of the nail trends right to your nails. The various shades of red, framed by elegant gold accents, look particularly stylish and modern when worn alone. But our shades of red or a cup of mulled wine also go perfectly with Gemstone - depending on what you rather wear with it ;)

Happy New Year

You also can't wait to finally shoot the year 2020 into the past with a rocket on New Year's Eve? Same here, Boo! With our design Happy New Year on your nails it can only get better - The firework prints, the fine Happy New Year lettering, and the champagne glasses sparkle in holographic colors with every firework display. If you can't wear enough Sparkle on your nails, you should definitely combine Happy New Year with Lost In Space.

Holy Night

If a white Christmas should become an absolute rarity this year too, we have a little consolation for your heart longing for snow. Holy Night, with its midnight blue, white tones, is reminiscent of evening walks in the snow. Delicate silver accents and blue snow globe and fir tree motifs bring Christmas flair to your nails. Holy Night can be perfectly combined with our designs Blanc and Eclipse and becomes irresistible with a layer of our matte Top Coat.


This design gives your mother-in-law's hand-knitted sweater a kick in the bum. Because Knitted is a transparent design with a classic Nordic print, which gives your favorite color a winter upgrade in no time at all. Regardless of whether Sapphire, Talk Dirty or Powder - the sight of a manicure with Knitted warms even the Grinch's heart.


In the fashion world, checked patterns remain an absolute must-have this season! So that your nails match the popular tartan pattern this winter, we are bringing this trend directly onto your nails with our design Tartan. Depending on whether you prefer red, black, or blue, you can combine this design with our colors Ox Blood, Onyx, or Sapphire. The brave among you should try out Tartan, matching the fine gold accents, with our glitter design Gold Digger. No matter how you end up wearing Tartan - a layer of our matte Top Coat is a must here!

William Morris

Inspired by the British painter William Morris, the design of the same name is the perfect partner for the transition from the autumn months to the cold winter season. The warm brown nuances of the leaf print are shown to their best advantage thanks to the petroleum green base, creating a unique contrast. As an accent combined with our shade Maneater and with a layer of our matte Top Coat, William Morris becomes an absolute comfort on cold days. 

Winter Green

Anyone who sets up their beloved Christmas tree at the beginning of December and excitedly counts the days until Christmas should take a closer look at this design. Because Winter Green can easily keep up with any beautiful, dense fir tree. The brushstroke optics in various shades of green and delicate, silver snowflakes on a transparent base are particularly beautiful when worn alone. But what could be a better partner for Winter Green than our design Into The Forest? Exactly! We can't think of a better companion.

When can I buy the Winter Sun Collection?

All eight designs of our Winter Sun Collection will be available in our shop from November 23. In addition to the individual designs, we also offer a complete Winter Sun Collection set, where you can get hold of all designs at an exclusive special price.